• PoW and PoS combined up to block 1,000,000 in a 5 to 1 ratio, in other words if a miner generates a block the reward is 100 KAGO, whereas staking generates a reward is 100 KAGO or a fraction of the same if the user is in a pool

  • The creation of 1,000,000 blocks in 2 min serves to reach the starting supply in a sufficient time to ensure the distribution and creation of an adequate number of users/nodes

  • Upon reaching the 1M block, the network ceases to expand in approximately linear terms (PoW + PoS)

  • After that, only the PoS rewards remain, which leads to a lowering of the growth curve by limiting token inflation and helping to reward stakers natively.

  • Low transaction costs and speed are the basis of KAGOPOW

Last PoW Block

block 1000000

Min. stake age

12 Hours

Max. stake age


Coinbase maturity

20 (+ 1 default confirmation) blocks

Target Spacing

2 Minutes

Target timespan

10 Minutes

Transaction confirmations

6 (+ 1 default confirmation) blocks

After Block 1.000.000

  • Finish PoW Support

  • KAGO only POS Blockchain

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